Evening Routine

I know, I know… more routine stuff. But, this stuff really changed my life! Routines aren’t rules or something else to do. They are small tools that help free up space in our minds and create margin in our day. Routines around the home simplify my life and I love anything that makes my life more simple these days.

So here it is:

- I check the washing machine and put laundry in the dryer. If it has already been dried, I put the laundry away.

- I make dinner or we get take out. Sometimes dinner is wonderful homemade potato soup. Sometimes dinner is baby spinach in a bowl with feta cheese and dressing and we call it a salad. Sometimes, it is takeout. Don‘t get all stressed. I try to always know what I want to do. I like to have what we are doing for meals planned. When my guys ask me what is for dinner, it doesn’t stress me out if I know the answer, even if the answer is Taco Bell. They never seem to mind what we are having, they just like to know. Honestly, I think about food a lot, so I get it.

- Eric helps me clean up the kitchen.

- All dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher. The counters are wiped down. The dirty dish rags go in the laundry. A new dish rag is placed by the sink. I sweep the kitchen. I light a kitchen candle, turn of the regular light; the kitchen is closed. - Check the dryer to see if there is laundry that needs to be puts away. -Check the checklist on my planner to see if everything has been done and look at the next day. - The rest of the afternoon Eric and I usually watch a tv show together, read, play Scrabble, sit outside or go for a drive. - Most nights I take a hot bath. Something about the hot water makes me feel relaxed and I sleep better. I feel this is a way that I can treat myself with a small indulgence each day. It is great self care mentally and physically. - I wash my face and use all the anti aging moisturizers I can get my hands on. I am not aging without a fight. - I turn on the dishwasher right before bed. Now, when I was younger if the dishwasher wasn’t full, I wouldn’t turn it on. I was worried about wasting water or something. Nevermind, the many gallons that just went down the drain after my bath. 🤨 Anyway, I figured out that if I just go ahead and run the dishwasher, I can put it all away the next morning and the whole day, all the dirty dishes go in the dishwasher. If not, the dishwasher gets full throughout the day, then dirty dishes pile in the sink and you end up with a mess and more work. Just turn it on at night.

That is it, I wake up to a clean kitchen. A fresh palette to start yet another beautiful day!

What is something that is a part of your evening routine?

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