November Challenge

I can’t believe it is November 1st!!! I absolutely love October, but for me November marks the beginning of the Holiday season. It is when I say I am going to start Christmas shopping early and try to be done by December, but it never happens. Not even close.

Lately, I have really tried to be present and pay attention to whoever I am with. I have tried to really lean in to conversations being had. But, the main topic of conversation always ends up being what’s wrong. I am guilty too. It seems we center on the dark times we live in, finances, family, football, kids, people, our health, our bodies, food and on and on in a negative way.

Barely anyone brags on other people. There are not many conversations being had about how much fun someone had; nothing about how great their spouse is or the good things God has done in their life. It is very disturbing. I have noticed that even if I don’t start negative conversations ( which I do, I am not saying I got this!!) I get sucked in as soon as it starts.

I know life can be messy, hard and dark. But, we are supposed to be a light. Trying to be a light on my own, doesn’t work very well though. My candle burns out pretty quickly or I get sucked into negativity and just blow it out myself. It is much easier when Jesus is the source of light and I just reflect His light. I don’t have to be the source, He is the source. There are things I have to do to rely on Him to be the light. I have to go to church, worship, read the Word and write out things I am grateful for each day. Those are just a few things that work for me.

I don’t want to blow out other people’s light. I don’t want to be a light extinguisher. I don’t want to cast any more fear, doubt or negativity into the world. I want to bring hope. I want to remind people there is still goodness in the world. I want my words to reflect that. This means I am really going to have to discipline myself about the words I speak. This means I may have to walk away from some conversations. It can be tough. Some people get really irritated when you won’t support them talking badly about someone else. But, bonding over slander is an awful way to build a relationship.

So here it is!! The November challenge!! Remember, we won‘t do this perfectly and we will mess up! The goal is not perfection. The goal is to re train our thoughts to be more positive so that our words, actions and facial expressions 😬 can be more Christ-like. The facial expression part will take a miracle for me, but hey, miracles still happen. 😉

- I will try to keep my tongue from speaking negatively about another person. There is no one that is not important to God and I don’t always know what other people struggle with.

- I am going to try to be an encourager and look for good things to talk about. It may be as simple as how beautiful the sky is, but I am going to try.

- I am going to shut down and walk away from conversations that are negative, divisive or just mean- even if it is all true!

- I am going to be a noticer of the good and when I see something good in someone, I am going to point it out.

- I am going to write down or post about something I am grateful for each day.

- I am not going to be pressured to be the light, I am going to draw closer to Jesus so I can just reflect His light.

- I am going to refrain from complaining. Anytime I feel the desire to complain, I am going to stop and find something to be grateful for. Coffee is always a good one. - I am going to pray that God will help me with perspective and attitude!

I hope you will take the November challenge with me!! I would love to hear about how your journey is going!! If you post what you are grateful for on social media, make sure you tag #lifegivingliving and #novemberchallenge so we can all stay connected throughout the challenge!

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