To everything, there is a season.

This season of my life, I am able to get up, grab my coffee (which my husband has ready for me each morning 🥰), read my devotion, fix my husband a lunch before he goes to work and then sit down in front of this beautiful window and start a blog post. Of course, I haven't been in this season very long. Just like summer doesn’t last forever, all seasons change.

I love this season of my life. I didn't know how I would feel about it a year ago when my son was getting ready to graduate high school. It was a little scary for me; I knew a lot of things would be changing in my life. Just like that chill in the air in the mornings that gives you the hint of fall coming, I knew changes would be coming. I wanted to be ready to embrace them, not dread them or be afraid of them.

When Ethan was a toddler, I had started to sing on the worship team at our church. Some of the teens were watching him for me and since he could walk pretty well, they thought he would be fine to go down a flight of stairs by himself.😳 The stairs were inside of the auditorium and I looked up to see my baby rolling down them. Pretty sure my heart stopped! Thankfully, they were carpeted stairs and babies are made mostly of fat and cartilage, so he was completely unharmed. My friend that was also on the worship team was a nurse and it took a bit of convincing me that he was fine, but he was. However, I was pretty shook.

The facts were also that rehearsals were at night, afterward dinner had to be made, the baby had to be bathed and put to bed. It hit me that this was not the right time for me to be doing this. It was just the wrong season for it. "Your husband should help!", you are already saying. The problem was, he was on staff at the church and had to be at rehearsals for helping with sound. I am sure I could of figured something out. But, I knew during this season of having a toddler, it just wasn't the time for me to be on the worship team. Instead, I chose not being out late, having dinner ready and peaceful nights with routines. That is not to say that is the right choice for everyone, but it was for me. I knew there would always be a worship team that I could be a part of. But, my cute little baby boy would only be little for a little while. My heart was at peace and I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

I still stayed involved at church, I just chose to help out in the nursery and kids department because that didn't require anything of me on week nights.

Wherever you are in life; stay at home mom, working mom, mom of an adult, single person, someone with no children - seasons change. Do what you can do that is best for you and your family in this season. Don't feel bad for letting some things go if needed. It is just a season.

Now, as I sit here almost two decades later with the time on my hands to enjoy my coffee, write this blog and plan my day I remember that I need to ask my husband to pick up dinner tonight because I will be playing the bass Sunday and I have worship team rehearsal tonight. ✌🏻☕️🎸

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