You Create the Life You Want to Live

I have always loved the start of a new year. I enjoy putting away the Christmas decorations and our home feeling fresh. However, I don’t expect anything to magically change overnight.

I do sit down the week before a new year and think about the things I want to be different. I plan out what my priorities will be. I write down the changes I want to make. I add certain things to my new calendar to stay on track. My husband and I discuss our goals, hopes and dreams for the new year. It is fun and exciting but I also know it is work.

I know that I create the life I want to live. I can’t expect anything to change in 2022 if I don’t make changes. Yes, God is in control but He allows us to live our lives.

This past year God led me to step down from a full time role at the church. I felt Him lead me to focus more on supporting my husband, our home and family. Not to say I am not involved, I am and will always be. I love the church. I still teach, I am on the worship team and enjoy being a sounding board for my husband. We founded the church and I will obviously always be the Pastor’s wife. 😂 But, it does look different and it has been an adjustment. Our marriage is healthier, our home is peaceful and I have more time to help make meals for families who are on a meal train, make time for friends, and do more kind things for others… which I love.

I have created a schedule that will give me time to work on my dream of the Camp Farm, painting and this blog. It was work to get here but so worth it!

Who knows what challenges and victories this new year will bring? What I do know is there is no one waving a magical wand making 2022 the best year of your life. Yes, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you if you allow, but you have to make some changes. If you want things to be different, be intentional to make them different. At the end of this year, don’t look back and regret that nothing changed.

The opportunities are endless, God is on your side and you are capable!

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